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Being Okey – When love is treated as a crime





Director: Nina Oppliger, Nadia Lanfranchi, Corinne Pfister

Genre: documentary
Run-time: 33 min 52 sec

Language: English, with Romanian and English subtitles


“We are completely naked. The beating is coming from here and there. Nobody cares to help us.”


Eleven years ago, a mob tried to kill Okey and his boyfriend in their hometown in Nigeria, where homosexuality is a crime. They only narrowly escape death – yet Switzerland doesn’t grant Okey asylum. Caught between the constant fear of deportation and the hope for a safe life, Okey shares his inner strife. So at the Zurich Pride, accompanied by booming techno beats, he experiences what freedom really means. But in the next instance he is consumed by his past. He hopes to live in dignity in Switzerland but his future is built on unstable ground: the answer to his new asylum request will decide the course of his life.


Queersicht Filmfestival – Bern, Switzerland, 2017

Pink Apple Film Festival – Zurich, Switzerland, 2018

Leeds Queer Film Festival – Leeds, United Kingdom, 2018

KASHISH Queer Film Festival – Mumbai, India, 2018

Tour de Lorraine – Bern, Switzerland, 2018

Other movie – Lugano, Switzerland, 2018

Respect Human Rights Film Festival – Belfast, United Kingdom, 2018 – Best Short Film Documentary

Cinema Diverse – Palm Springs, United States, 2018

Reeling Film Fest – Chicago, United States, 2018 – Best Short Documentary Jury Award

Awareness Film Fest – Los Angeles, United States, 2018

Thessaloniki International LGBTQ Film Festival – Thessaloniki, Greece, 2018

Luststreifen Film Festival – Basel, Switzerland, 2018

Out on Film – Atlanta, United States, 2018

Everybody’s Perfect – Geneva, Switzerland, 2018

Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage – Hamburg, Germany, 2018

Perlen Film Festival – Hanover, Germany, 2018

Kasseler Dokfest – Kassel, Germany, 2018