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The guests


Anca Cionca, director of Gruvjum.

Anca Cionca graduated from the Constantin Diaconovici Loga High School in Timişoara in 2018. Before high school, she attended music school, in the piano section. She has always been passionate about films and art and is a volunteer at several film, modern art, and music festivals in the city and at the Red Cross. “Gruvjum” is her first short film, made at the age of 17. She is currently studying Biological Sciences at Imperial College London and wants to become a researcher in microbiology. During her free time, she tries to film at least some of the ideas she comes up with.

Ben Hantkant, director of War. Room

Ben Hantkant is a video artist, cinematographer and video editor. Currently, Ben is based in Jerusalem.


During his studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, he was granted an excellence prize for his achievements, three years in a row.


In his films and installations he explores aspects of society, gender, and sexuality, while breaking their regular definitions and asking what is true and what is false.

Ben Hantkant will be part of the #SFG13 jury for the feature film section.

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Nicolas Luquet

Nicolas Luquet, composer and sound designer for Fornacis

Nicolas Luquet is a French sound designer & film music composer. In 2010, he discovered the work of the Réunionese director Aurélia Mengin: it’s an artistic volcanic explosion! He will sign the sound of all her future films. At the same time, he develops his personal musical universe under the pseudonym LUKE KAY.


Nicolas is also the Co-Organizer of MEME PAS PEUR, The International Fantastic Film Festival of Réunion Island. Traveling between France and Réunion enriches him enormously. He tries to transpose the emotions of the landscapes that he goes to, in order to share them to the greatest number.

Aurélia Mengin, director of Fornacis

Aurélia Mengin is a film director raised in Réunion, an island near Madagascar. She grew up surrounded by art, as her parents are the founders of the Contemporary Art Center of Réunion Island. After a master’s degree in economics and mathematics, Aurelia turned to film-making. While attending acting school, she also learned by herself how to make films. Thus, for the past 10 years, she has directed many short films.


She creates her phantasmagorical, sensual, horrifying and very aesthetic universe. In each new film, she reaffirms, strongly on the screen, her desire to create her personal, and instinctive films, and her own vision of cinema and art.


In addition to her work as a film director, Aurélia Mengin is also the founder and the director of the MEME PAS PEUR Festival, The Réunion International  Fantastic Film Festival. Its 8th edition was held from the 21st to 24th of February 2018.

Aurélia Mengin

Peter Millar, producer of The Story of the Stone

Peter Millar completed film studies in Aberdeen, Scotland and directed his first short film. Since then, he has worked in Taiwan for several film directors assisting in international production and promotion of a number of films.


Peter has worked with the director Starr Wu in producing short films and most recently in producing the feature film “The Story of the Stone”. He looks forward to continuing to promote Taiwanese culture on the big screen.

John Petrizzelli, director of Bárbara

Journalist, screenwriter and film director with more than 30 years of experience in the film industry, John Petrizzelli has written and directed fiction and documentary films. Among his most important productions are: El Embrujo (1983), Falsas Historias (1992), Carrao (1998), El Rey del Galerón (2006) and the feature films: María Lionza, Aliento de Orquídeas, Er Relajo der Loro, El Santo Salvaje, Ti@s and Bárbara, produced between 2007 and 2017. His films have been awarded different international prizes. He created and directs the film festival Ciclo de Cine de la Diversidad that takes place in Venezuela since 2006 and in Madrid, Spain since 2018. He has also written the narrative books Negro Lógico (1978) and Historias para las Posibilidades del Músculo (2016).

John Petrizzelli will be part of the #SFG13 jury for the documentary film section.

Sorin Poamă

Sorin Poamă, director of Ionuț and Călin

Sorin Poamă graduated from the arts section of UNATC in 2007. In 2010, together with Vera Ion, he founded a school of dramatic autobiographical writing, called “Write about yourself”.

In 2014, Sorin directs “A friend from Tonița”, a short movie that won the Villa Kult prize during the Next IFF 2015.  In 2016, Sorin takes part in the Sarajevo Talent Campus as a director and a writer.

In 2018, the short film “Ionuț and Călin” is selected for the Transylvania IFF and wins the prize for “Best Romanian short film” at Next IFF.