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CANADA, 2018




Director: Charlie David
Cast: Sean C. Dwyer, Natasha Balakrishnan, Brian Woodford, Vasilios Filippakis, Nicolas James Wilson, Oscar Moreno, Charlie David, Marc Devigne, Michael R. Buchanan
Genre: drama, thriller, paranormal, experimental
Run-time: 1 hour 28 min

Language: English, with Romanian subtitles


Shadowlands is an anthology style film that explores love in three separate stories – a couple renegotiating a relationship, a narcissist grasping to comprehend it, and star-crossed lovers mourning its loss.


The film begins in 1928 with Alex, a plastic surgeon hell-bent on perfection, hosting a house party with an assortment of colorful guests. Amid romantic misfires it becomes apparent that the only person Alex is interested in is himself.


Fast forward to 1951 and a gay military couple exploring the idea of opening their relationship while on a remote camping trip when they encounter a mysterious stranger.


The stories conclude in 2018 with a painter who in mourning the loss of his lover, becomes obsessed with creating a realistic painting of him. The resulting piece is so beautiful and life like that he is drawn under its spell.


qFLIX Philadelphia – Philadelphia, United States, 2018 – First time Director Award – Charlie David


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Kashish Mumbai International Queer FIlm Festival – Mumbai, India, 2018 


Regina International Film Festival & Awards – Regina, Canada, 2018 


Korea Queer Film Festival – Seoul, South Korea, 2018 


OUTlantacon Film Festival – Atlanta, SUA, 2018  – Best Production Design


Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) – Providence, United States, 2018 


North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Durham, United States, 2018  


Perth International Queer Film Festival – Perth, Australia, 2018 


qFLIX Worcester – Worcester, United States, 2018


Q Cinema International Film Festival – Fort Worth, United States, 2018 


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