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INDIA, 2018




Director: Swapnil Nitin Khadtale
Cast: Manisha, Kaustubh Hemant Jadhav, Ashish Shirke
Genre: drama
Run-time: 21 min 3 sec

Language: Hindi, with Romanian and English subtitles


This short film depicts the life of transgender women in India. Rani, a transgender woman, earns a living by begging either on the streets, or at some social gathering. As they perform in a group, the money given is distributed among them. The money is not enough to satisfy her and her son’s needs, a boy whom she adopted from the streets and raised as her own.


With the money available, she has tried to give him the best education by sending him to a Semi-English Medium School. She struggles to pay the rent to the landlord, but this doesn’t change her mind of keeping her son’s education as her priority. She tries to get help from her community but fails miserably, as she is asked to get rid of her child, which she protests, leading to her exit from the community.


She also tries taking a big step by having a one night stand with some strangers but being a transgender she is abused physically and left alone on the streets. But these circumstances have not made her weak. She is still strong and ready to take up any challenge put forward by life.