Shame (Aidos)

Canada 2015, 5 min, short Director: Robert W. Gray By the time Ben died 21 people declared their romantic love for him. What do all these I love you’s mean in the end. “Aidos (“shame”) is a vast word in Greek. Its lexical equivalence include “awe, reverence, respect, self-respect, shamefulness, sense of honor, sobriety, moderation, regard Citeste mai mult…

Intrinsic Moral Evil

Netherlands 2013, 11 min, short Director: Harm Weistra Intrinsic Moral Evil seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play with the viewer’s perception and expectations. The layered story gradually develops; revealing its last secrets just before the end credits start. Inviting the audience to make its Citeste mai mult…


Great Britain 2015, 9 min, short Director: Kristiina Kello An elderly lady watches the world go by, sharing her life with plants and memories. One day, a newspaper advertisement catches her eye and invites her to explore her past.

Safe Zone

Belgium 2016, 9 min, short Director: Hans Lein ‘ Safe Zone ‘ focuses on the brief moment after hearing a dreaded message; the death of a loving son. In an emotional rollercoaster feelings, memories and reality rage through the mind of Meral, the mother of Kemal. She realizes she has lost Kemal.